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Continuing Education Cell


Government Polytechnic College, Meenangadi is established by the Government of Kerala in the year 1983 at Meenangadi, of Wayanad district.  The institution offers Diploma courses in four disciplines namely Electrical and Electronics, Electronics, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering. The locality of the campus provides a good opportunity to the college in becoming a nodal center leading the academic and technical programs of Wayanad district.

Need and Scope

The majority population of the Wayanad district being Scheduled Tribes and financially backward Scheduled Cast communities is also a good opportunity for this institute to uplift this economically backward population through Technical Training and awareness programs.  There is a visible difference in rural and urban.  While resourceful people, particularly those living in urban areas, have had access to better education and professional training, but vast majority of those who live in rural areas of Wayanad  are lesser educated and hardly undergo any technical, professional and vocational training. In fact, for most of such people, quality education and higher technical and professional education is unaffordable. Hence this Polytechnic Collegeprovides skill training with special emphasis to SC/ST youths in this rural district, through their own existing facilities.


  • Utilize the existing infrastructure of the institute so as to achieve skill Training excellence.
  • Start New and advanced training programs in specialized areas to students aiming at their overall improvement.
  • Utilize the service of high skilled Technical Teachers, thereby providing quality Training to the students.
  • Contribute to the society by empowering the Tribal people and other backward communities aiming at an overall improvement of scheduled tribe community including primitive tribal groups.
  • Training to improve the capacity for income generation of SC/ ST population of Wayanad district through Entrepreneurship Development & Employment Generation,


The locality of the campus provides a good opportunity to this college in becoming a Nodal center leading the Academic and Technical Training programs of Wayanad district. The major contribution of this project has been in mobilizing the tribal people and enhancing their awareness through exposure programmes, Socio economic development through scientific approach and Appropriate technology of primitive undeveloped and economically backward tribal group Wayanad district, Technology Transfer, local skill development and advanced Technology Training for habitat upgrading for scheduled caste and tribe community.

Such initiatives are meant to preserve the traditional skills and upgrading the same, finding out alternative employment potential wherever the present occupation is lacking, and  carry out improvements in the existing equipment and machinery and introduction of new techniques and technology for improving quality of life of scheduled tribes including primitive tribal groups.. The broad objectives of the Project is  to promote adaptation of technology for improving the quality of life of SCs and STs in rural areas, to encourage the  technologists to apply their expertise to the needs of SCs and STs in the rural backward villages of Wayanad district.

Anticipated directbenefits (Income generation, Employment generation)

With a view to developing new Technical Training  skills such as Computer Application , X-Ray Welding , R & AC ,Electrical wireman technology, the Trainees can start their own workshop or self employment  or get  wage  employment here or abroad with this high quality training and thereby generating additional income. They are even eligible for government services.The project has tremendous potential and aim at creation of technocrat-entrepreneurs among the trained persons through structured training programmes and other facilitating mechanisms. The purpose is to create additional employment through entrepreneurship and by the application of latest Training tools and methods will help improving the job scenario of these youths.

Indirect benefits (Social,environment)

The project can promote, the economic & educational interest of the scheduled   caste and the scheduled tribe community of this rural district and toimprove the conditions of them and to bring all round improvements in their living and working conditions, Since They are still characterized by below poverty, low income occupations such as agricultural labourers, bondedlabourers, low level of literacy, miserable living and very poor working conditions. In terms of career options, such lesser educated and not so fortunate people tend to work in low paid unorganized sector. Therefore, an urgent need to train these persons and to uplift their income generation and benefit them latest Technology.

Courses under Continuing Education Cell

  • Electrical Wiring & Servicing (Duration 10 Months)
  • Refrigeration & Air Condition (Duration 6 Months)
  • Advanced Welding Technology (Duration 6 Months)

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Premdas T P

Work shop Superintend

Advanced Welding Technology

Sudesh K S


Advanced Welding Technology

Roy V. K

Course Coordinator

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Baby Varghese


Refrigeration & Air Condition

Prasannan K K

Course Coordinator

Electrical Wiring & Servicing

Suresh Kumar K.R


Electrical Wiring & Servicing

Divya P V