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CDTP Scheme ( Community Development Through Polytechnic Scheme )

Polytechnics can, render vital assistance in the community development work. This, they can do partly by utilizing their own resources and partly by mobilizing the resources available at the higher technological institutions. In order that the human resource is developed for gainful employment/self- employment, the training must be need based, and should provide employable/ self-employable skills.  The purpose of the skill development is to create skilled and knowledge based manpower by empowering them technically so that they can earn their sustainable livelihood.  The involvement of Polytechnics in implementing the Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics is need of the hour.

Need and Scope

The majority population of the Wayanad district being Scheduled Tribes and financially backward Scheduled Cast communities is also a good opportunity for this institute to uplift this economically backward population through Technical Training and awareness programs.  There is a visible difference in rural and urban.  While resourceful people, particularly those living in urban areas, have had access to better education and professional training, but vast majority of those who live in rural areas of Wayanad  are lesser educated and hardly undergo any technical, professional and vocational training. In fact, for most of such people, quality education and higher technical and professional education is unaffordable. Hence this Polytechnic Collegeprovides skill training with special emphasis to SC/ST youths in this rural district, through their own existing facilities.

Following are the major activities identified under the Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics:

  • Need Assessment Surveys
  • Skill Development Training Programmes
  • Technical and Support Services
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Disseminate and Application of Appropriate Technologies

In order to impart skill training and accomplish ground level physical delivery of new technologies at the doorsteps of the rural people, our Polytechnic established  5 Extension Centres –

  1. Paleri
  2. Pulpally
  3. Edakkal
  4. Vakeri
  5. Vaduvanchal

in the nodal villages so that each centre covers a cluster of villages in its vicinity.   .  These centres will act as an extension arm of the polytechnic and will provide skill training, repair and maintenance services and common facility for group enterprises, information sharing and hiring technical facilities .


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