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Institute Industry Interaction Cell

GPCM being the nodal Polytechnic in Wayanad District is one of the best Government Polytechnic in the state producing about 200 Diploma Engineers every year in various programs such as Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electronics Engineering. We also run short term courses and produce technicians in Electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning under the continuous education cell and support various skill developments under the community development program

As you might be aware Wayanad is the least populated and under developed district in 100% literate Kerala with about 40 % tribal population and same ratio of forest land. There is no rail or airport in this hill district and connectivity is limited. At this juncture it is very important to focus in the development of this district with emphasis on supporting and developing this institution.

In order to facilitate and move forward GPCM has formed an institution- industry interaction cell to interact with various industries in India and abroad.

As an institution with dedication and commitment to the society and with excellent academic atmosphere with perfect chemistry in student faculty relationship we look forward to interact with various industries in the following areas wherever appropriate

  1. Organization of joint conferences and seminars
  2. Practical training of GPCM students at INDUSTRY
  3. Joint guidance of student projects and other areas of national interest at GPCM by INDUSTRY on mutually agreeable terms.
  4. INDUSTRY would accommodate Engineering Diploma students who have completed the 6th semester of their program in such a number that INDUSTRY deems convenient to it for the purpose of imparting industrial training.
  5. INDUSTRY may depute its personnel as visiting faculty at GPCM to teach any of the regular Course or specialized topics.
  6. INDUSTRY personnel may be allowed to enroll for their Diploma or short term programs, subject to availability of seats, subject to their fulfilling eligibility criteria and all other academic regulations of GPCM and DTE. Further, INDUSTRY may request to design and teach a Course or Courses which it deems fit to enhance quality and performance of its employees. Such Courses maybe run at any mutually convenient premises.
  7. INDUSTRY may seek assistance/guidance of GPCM faculty member/s in product/process modification, modernization, trouble shooting, etc.
  8. Would allow industrial visits of students for half/full day to provide them with an exposure to various equipment, instrument, etc.
  9. INDUSTRY may showcase its business activities at the seminar/ workshop/ conference, etc. at GPCM.
  10. INDUSTRY may avail library, Internet, computational facilities at GPCM.
  11. The students may be encouraged to take up the project such that INDUSTRY desirably benefits from its outcomes.
  12. The students will carry out part of their project at GPCM and INDUSTRY depending on the nature of the work as per rules of the respective institute depending on facilities and requirements.
  13. GPCM may support the industry to conduct a market survey, after sales service support, installation and commissioning etc
  14. GPCM may set up a local maintenance workshop or local training centre in the premises to support the industry

We now look forward to your favorable response to the above with specifics on the areas in which your establishment can co-operate with this institution and look forward to enter in to an MOU so that it is mutually beneficial

Institute Industry Interaction Cell

George N J
(Demonstrator in EEE)